About Isabelle

After a near-death experience at the age of 8 I started having prophetic dreams and visions. But it was only after my life-threatening leukaemia 10 years ago that I started to engage intensively with the angels. Within the shortest period of time I started to receive advice from the angels, who helped me to become completely healthy again.

From this moment on I studied various forms of energy healing, angels and coaching to be able to support people on their path.

After many years in my own practice in Munich, Germany, I have written two books („Die Erzengel“ und „Die Engel so nah“), published more than 20 channelled meditations and developed the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training. Today I am travelling for most of my time, speaking at international events and hold lectures and workshops nationally as well as internationally, to help more and more people to find out for themselves how to communicate with the angels und to live a fulfilled life.

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